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Ver. 1.0.7

 This version introduces several important improvements and fixes.

What's new in this firmware?

 - {System}{FAN} added fan stop function when eTRAYz is idle
 - {System}{Kernel} supported cifs and smbfs client
 - {System}(Kernel} supported posix message queue
 - {Perl Modules} added perl module (Deep, Clone, Augeas, Copy, Fcntl, Syslog, Df, Lite, QuotedPrint, DBI, SQLite2, MQ, sense)
 - {Monitoring} added resource monitoring function (CPU, Memory, Network, Volume, System Temperature, Fan Speed)
 - {e-Torrent} added one rss site (fenopy)
 - {e-Torrent} added the detail info display of torrent file
 - {e-Torrent} added downloading function by torrent URL
 - {Firmware Backup} added downloading function of firmware backup file
 - {Firmware Upgrade} added auto refresh function after firmware upgrade
 - {eTRAYz Web} added java applet for multiple file upload/download
 - {Setting} supported secure SMTP Account
 - {Setting} added FAN setting menu
 - {e-Connector} added an e-Connector program for mac


 - {System}{USB Storage} fixed file copy fail error it happens when user use USB device as an window network drive
 - {System}{Driver} upgraded wireless network device driver version
 - {System}{Driver} upgraded smart fan control function
 - {e-Connector} changed button name from 'save account' to 'save id'
 - HTTPS port number : 8001 (https://(etrayz ip):8001)
 - {System}{NFS} changed block size(max_block_size=262144)
 - {System}{USB Storage} fixed writing problem that user can not write to all partition of USB storage
 - {System}{THJ Request} recompiled PHP(to support PostgreSQL)
 - {System}{THJ Request} fixed apache secure configuration file
 - {System}{THJ Request} added detail apache log(combined)
 - {System}{Network} fixed Wired and Wireless Network setting problem
 - {Setting} upgraded setting GUI of Wired and Wireless Network
 - {e-Torrent} changed RSS and download list UI

Bugs fixed

 - {eDownloader} fixed download skip error of duplicate file
 - {eDownloader} fixed the authentication method of rapidshare premium account
 - {eDownloader} fixed download problem of file with special characters in hotfile.com
 - {eDownloader} added auto restarting function about stopped jobs
 - {eDownloader} added changing function of simultaneous download number
 - {eDownloader} added setting function of whether to enable or disable the use of premium account
 - {eDownloader} added multi-select function for stopping or deleting
 - {eTRAYz Web} fixed folder's permissions problem which occurs when share folder is moved into another folder
 - {eTRAYz Web} fixed the problem that sysadmin can not access folders and files which general users make in the share folder
 - {eTRAYz Web} fixed user ID creation problem of email address starting with capital letter
 - {e-Connector} fixed bug of win7 64bit OS
 - {e-Connector} fixed auto reconnection problem which occurs when windows OS wake up in sleep mode
 - {raid1} fixed auto resync when temporary disconnect of a hard drive
 - {raid1} fixed booting problem which occurs when users turn off the power of device while resync
 - {System}{SAMBA} fixed symbolic link problem of share in OSX
 - {System}{NFS} fixed service script error

Download and installation instructions

Upgrade file etrayz_1.0.7-official_fwupgrade_100917.zip

Notice :
 Upgrade file can be patched to e-TRAYz Ver.1.0.3-official and above.

*** Please do not power-off or re-boot during firmware upgrading, raid building and rebuilding.***

To upgrade please go to the eTRAYz Homepage -> Settings -> System -> Upgrade
 In the Upload firmware file click Browse and navigate to the downloaded BIN file. Click on SAVE.
 The file will be added to the list of the firmware files and now you can upgrade your system.
 Please follow the instructions carefully.
 The e-TRAYz will restart after the upgrade is complete.

Full installation file etrayz_1.0.7-official_installer.zip

To install unzip the file and run setup.exe.

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