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Прошивки для GI S2238 HD (БЕЗ ОБСУЖДЕНИЯ)

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Прошивка для Gi S2238 ver 1.4.10


Прошивки с эмулятором



Release note for software 1.4.41
 -Improvement:Add the providers in "Fastscan Satellite MENU"

Release note for software 1.4.40
 -fixed the bug:The work of the gift card Tricolor (24 series) in the card reader: recently at the 2138 SW 1.4.75 there have been changes: opening part of the package, the opening of channels acceptable to 2-3 seconds. Need to complete for this model.
 -fixed the bug:After scanning S2 MPEG4 SD channels show as HD, and only after you select determines the correct.
 -fixed the bug:T2 is no indication of a signal.
 -fixed the bug:Sprinkles picture quality of the signal disappear (indicated by 0).
 -fixed the bug:Weather Forecast: by default, the 1970 shows at the top of the screen. (The last test software Sparks(1.2.47)  is a problem disappeared.).
 -fixed the bug:Problem with displaying channels on receiver display, for example:
     §±§Ц§в§У§н§Ы §Ь§С§Я§С§Э displayed as §±§¦§І§Ј§Ј.
     §І§а§г§г§Ъ§с2 ЁC> §І§°§і§і§і
     §¬§С§в§е§г§Ц§Э§о ЁC> §¬§Ў§І§µ§µ
     §®§С§д§о §Ъ §Ґ§Ъ§д§с ЁC> §®§Ў§ґ§ѕ§ѕ

Release note for software 1.4.40
 -fixed the bug:no display time in standby mode.

Release note for software 1.4.31
 -Improvement:update Russian and Ukraine language

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Загрузчик 1.1.3
Прошивки PS
Прошивка 1.4.57 18.07.2012
Прошивки Official
Прошивка 1.4.57 18.07.2012

Официальная версия ПО 1.4.59


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