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ПО для GI S8580.v2.10.78


Описание: Прошивка ver. 2.10.78 от 30.07.2012
История изменений:
[ Key Issue ]
Sync Player+ Supported : New Function.
** Sync player+ is conditionally adapted based on model.
[ Internet TV+ / Free TV+ ]
1. URL sequence in Internet TV+ can be moved by user : Upgraded
2. Overwrite duplicated URL list in Internet TV+ : Upgraded
3. Latest URL list is located in first page : Upgraded
4. Deleting URL list All by hot key : Upgraded
5. Staying last FreeTV+ service after restarting : Added
6. Search by hot key in Free TV+ service addon : Upgraded
- Available in YouTube, Metacafe 1.05, Fashion TV 1.05
[ Common Issue ]
1. Can not sort folders in playlist and Network drive by yellow button : Solved
2. Available to channel recording in Standby mode : Supported

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